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El Mulo, single vineyard Ribera del Duero

Ribera del Duero, where the River Duero cuts a scar across the north Spanish plain. Large estates, often for hunting, existed on this endless space which in recent times have been divided up into workable vineyard plots.


El Mulo is an estate which came down from a hunting estate, transformed into a cattle farm and finally planted with vineyard in the 1980’s. It was worked with animals until very recently, which is why we have chosen to remember this part of its history, calling it «El Mulo», after the mule which was one of the working animals.

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El Mulo, the Place

The River Duero is the major river that travels westwards across the plain of northern Spain and gives its name to one of the major wine regions: Ribera del Duero. As it flows across from east to west, it cuts deeper into the plain, creating two distinct landscapes: the area within the valley and the slightly desolate area up on the top of the valley. It is this second landscape which is home to a single estate which makes El Mulo.


Autumn in the vineyard

Vineyards and wines

El Mulo, single vineyard from Ribera del Duero.

A zoom in to a very specific type of climate and soil within a famous DO. Ribera del Duero is a long ribbon along the river Duero, with significant differences between climates and soils, though the grape variety throughout the region is the same. A vineyard up on the ‘Páramo’, the top of the valley. Once part of a large hunting estate, the vineyard is now 47 hectares of Tempranillo.

About the grape, Tinto Fino planted in 1981 from local cuttings.

The winery is an old building, adapted from its previous use as a cow shed! 

El Mulo

A single varietal wine from a single estate. If you want more info, please send us a email to vinergia@vinergia.com

El Mulo

In this part of the country Tempranillo is known as Tinto Fino. This vineyard is planted with cuttings taken from Valbuena and also from Pesquera and was planted in 1981.

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