Garnacha is the inspiration

Campos de Luz,
Garnacha and more

It all began with a search for Garnacha, hunting up and down the Ebro valley looking for a rough diamond. Quality. Flavour. Value. And above all, people.

That was over ten years ago and since then our range has developed to include a white, a fabulous pale rosé, a bag-in-box (which has been transformed over the years from a pure Garnacha to a robust, organic Garnacha – Tempranillo blend), an oak-aged ‘Revelation’ and a two-year old Reserva.

A short introductory video about Campos de Luz

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Campos de Luz, the Place​

The River Ebro is the major river in the north-east of Spain and the largest river in Spain to run into the Mediterranean. Along its length there are many wine growing regions, many of them growing Garnacha, starting with the region of Rioja, below the city of Logroño. From there it flows through the lower part of Navarra and then on past Campo de Borja, Calatayud and Cariñena… way on down towards the Priorat (just 4km at the nearest point), Tarragona and to the sea.

Campos de Luz Landscape

Vineyards and wines

Garnacha is a perfectly adapted grape variety for the mild but dry Mediterranean climate. Older vines give greater intensity, as do the lower yields.

Traditionally grown as a bush vine, many of the plantations have now become trellised too. The grapes are picked in the month of September into early October and then fermented in a modern, functional winery built in 2003, right on the plain in the centre of the vineyards, ensuring a quick transition from plant to tank.

Most of the wine we make as Campos de Luz is without oak ageing, focussing on the fresh, intense fruity flavours of the Garnacha grape variety.

Campos de Luz, the Wines

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