A wine can be simple. Red, white or rosé. Tinto, blanco, rosado. But being simple, doesn’t mean it is not thoughtful. Coranto.


We live in a symbiosis with the natural world. Our agriculture affects the world around us and we have to learn to harness the natural world, but also allow it to flourish.

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Coranto, the Place

Spain, a land of sustainability. Along the valley of the river Ebro, vineyards grow with many different varieties, but principally Garnacha for the reds and Macabeo for the whites


Vineyards and wines

Traditional lands, traditional varieties: a world in balance, taking out as much as you need, caring for all the surroundings, all the myriad elements required to keep our ecology sustainable over the long term.

The grapes for Coranto come from several different vineyards in the valley of the River Ebro. This river flows from the mountains on the north coast of Spain, eastwards across the plains with vineyards and eventually reaches the Mediterranean Sea.



There are, for the moment, just three wines in this range. For more information you can always contact us at

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