Viña Lolita


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Viña Lolita,
superb sparkling wine

There are no ‘high mountains’ in the centre of Spain – the whole place is higher and parts of it are over a 1000m, with a great climate to make fresh, crisp wines perfect for a second fermentation and making superb sparkling wines

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Viña Lolita, the Place​

Sparkling wine from Spain is not only Cava from Catalonia, but also from a range of vineyards, even in central Spain 


Vineyards and wines

The grapes for Viña Lolita are grown on two estates in central Spain. It is made exclusively from Chardonnay grapes which are picked in late August and then fermented to make a base wine.

This base wine then undergoes a second fermentation in a closed tank, which does not allow the carbon dioxide to escape and retains this as a natural bubble.

Viña Lolita, the wine

One single sparkling wine. If you want more info, please send us a email to

Viña Lolita

The traditional white varieties in this region are limited to Viura and Muscat. With the addition of the correct amount of Chardonnay, we add body to the backbone of acidity of the Viura and the floral aromatics of the Muscat.

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