Campos de Sueños,
dreamy verdejo

Through thick and thin, the people have stuck by Verdejo, even though others have come and gone, been more fashionable and desirable. But the wine grape from no-man’s land is also everyone’s friend.

These grapes are grown on a part of the immense Castillian plain, a blank canvas on which to paint one’s dreams. A summer home to many migratory birds, they line up along the wires as Autumn approaches, just as the harvest gets under way, marking the end of another season.

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Campos de Sueños

Campos de Sueños, the Place

The River Duero winds westwards across Spain, cutting across the Castillian plain before slipping into Portugal and becoming the Douro. Just to the South of the river is a region which sits on a plateau and is covered with sandy coloured pebbles: Rueda. In a region of cereals, this soil was too poor to make bread, but perfect to make wine, for the quality of the soil and the altitude of the land.


Campos de Sueños Spanish Plain

Vineyards and wines

Verdejo: on the top of the world.
On a high plain to the south of the River Duero, this pebbly plain was never considered good enough for cereals and was only useful to grow white grapes in a cold continental climate.

The Vineyards of Campos de Sueños are rolling lands, large estates, practical for management, and the Wine-making is the beauty of simplicity.

Campos de Sueños,
the Wine

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