Amigo de la Tierra


Amigo de la Tierra, red and white Organic wines

This a project to produce organic wines, in other words wines which are sustainable and take care of the soil. But the sustainability also extends to the human population – much of Spain is isolated and rural and requires support to continue its traditional lifestyle.

Organic wines from La Mancha, bottled in Cariñena. There are two important words in the name of this wine – Amigo: «Friend» and Tierra: «Earth». The earth needs its friends and the friends need the earth.

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Amigo de la Tierra

Amigo de la Tierra, the Place

Organic wines are grown all over Spain, especially in the drier and more isolated communities like La Mancha or Jumilla. The regions offers choice of climates and we select the sub-region which offers the best quality and style.


Amigo de la Tierra A range of organic spanish wines

Vineyards and wines

Organic and sustainable wines or how to make good wines long term and keep people on the land.

The grapes for Amigo de la Tierra are grown in a part of the central southern plain known as La Mancha. This area is a plateau which is being gently pushed and raised from the east. The gentle mountains to the east are the watershed for the region, but instead of a great river and valleys on the surface, the river Guadiana largely flows underground.

This means that the dry climate is perfect for organic farming, while there is access to subterranean water which allows for drip irrigation which can sustain the plants throughout the summers, which can be hot and dry.  

On the other hand, another key to this project is to ensure that the vineyards and wine-making activity are sustainable in the  broadest possible sense.

Amigo de la Tierra, the Wines

All the range of Amigo de la Tierra. If you want more info, please send us a email to

Amigo de la Tierra red

A wine made from a blend of grape varieties, mostly Tempranillo and others to complement, to give a juicy, rich, warm and authentically Spanish red

Amigo de la Tierra white

Much of the region is given over to white grapes, low yielding Verdejo and Airen grapes can give fantastic wines.

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