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Campos de Celtas,

Single varietal Albariño from the Condado sub-region of the Rias Baixas.

«Celtas» means Celts, one of the ancient peoples of  Europe, who the Romans pushed to the edges of the empire, in places like the wild north-west coast of Spain, today known as Galicia, ‘land of the Gauls’.

This region, on the Atlantic edge of Europe still has a marked personality which is expressed through its people and wines, especially the unique grape variety Albariño.

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Rias Baixas is the Atlantic region where most Albariño grows

Campos de Celtas, the Place

Rias Baixas is the Atlantic region where most Albariño is grown and much of the region can be found right along the coast. Part of the DO, however, is further inland, up the valley of the River Miño, which marks the border between Spain and Portugal. This area is warmer, being away from the cooling influence of the Atlantic and vineyards are grown on south-facing hillsides. This gives excellent drainage leading to very ripe grapes. 


Campos de Celtas, Albariño

Vineyards and wines

Albariño, grown up high to save it from humidity.

The Vineyards of Campos de Celtas are of Albariño. Grown on a ‘parral’ or pergola type system in the Miño valley, some 40km from the sea. In this humid climate, grapes are grown along the sides of the valley and using a system which keeps the grapes away from the humid floor.

Albariño is a great variety with great acidity and an intensity of fruit flavours. It is fermented in stainless steel tanks at a low temperature and then kept on its lees for a further three months, to add a softening texture, while maintaining all the fruity vivacity of the variety.

Campos de Celtas,
the Wine

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