Campos de Viento

Tempranillo from Central Spain

Campos de Viento,

Our Tempranillo was tough to find, the impossible dream which slowly became reality and now we want to hold on to. Be prepared to be blown away!

A short introduction video to
Campos de Viento

Campos de Viento, the Place

The quickest way to understand the geography of Spain is to turn a dinner plate upside-down. Now, as it lies on the table in front of you, uses your right hand to slightly lift that right-hand edge. The whole of the centre of that plate is Spain’s high plain, surrounded by a low ridge which creates the particular weather of the centre of Spain

Windmills in winter

Tempranillo, the early grape for a short growing season

Temprano means ‘early’ in Spanish and so Tempranillo is the ‘little early one’, referring to its early shooting and early ripening. This is key in an area of the country with long, cold winters and short, but intense summers.


The vineyards of Central Spain stretch over an enormous area and despite the fact that much of it is very flat, there are areas with more undulating terrain and cooler soils, mostly towards the higher east of the region. 


In recent times, enormous strides have been made to improve the quality of wine making in Central Spain. Campos de Viento is made with the latest technology to extract a fine and balanced wine.

Campos de Viento,
the Wine

For the moment there is just one Campos de Viento wine. If you want more info, please send us a email to

Campos de Viento Tempranillo

A Tempranillo which emphasises the fresh fruit of a young wine but with a hint of the potential and power that Tempranillo could bring.

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