Campos de Risca

Monastrell… rocks!

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Campos de Risca, from the kingdom of Monastrell

A wine mined, extracted from the least promising of soils. “Risca” is a local word for the uncompromisingly tough soil and an even tougher climate.  Growing grapes organically in south-east Spain is almost the only option.

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Campos de Risca, the Place

The Atlantic weather fronts wash over the Iberian peninsula from the north-west and by the time they reach the south-east of the country they are rained out – there must be some reason the tourists gather on the mediterranean coasts around the bottom right-hand corner of Spain. 

Campos de Risca (vineyard) 12

Monastrell: a survivor

Nothing else grows, no weeds, no flowers, no grasses. Just the toughest of vines plunging their roots down into the soil to extract drops of moisture to create these tough little grapes.


The grapes for Campos de Risca come from several different vineyards in the south of Jumilla. With such a low rainfall and tough soils, these are low bush vines which barely grow to waist height.


Built in 2003, this winery is the third build by the Pachecos, one for each generation of this wine-making family.

Campos de Risca

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Campos de Risca

Monastrell loves the heat and the flavours of this wine are intense and smoky, while retaining the cool freshness that the white stones protect.

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