La Sorda 2016

From the warmest corner of Rioja Alavesa, a fine traditional blend with oak-ageing download a technical description of La Sorda 2016

Lo Tros 2016

Rich as a Priorat should be, but juicy and supple enough to be a regular glass beside a weekday supper! download a full technical description of Lo Tros 2016

La Sorda Joven 2016

  Traditionally, the small family wine producers of Rioja Alavesa did not age their wines as they either sold it in bulk or in bottles (often without labels) to day-trippers …

Campos de Luz Garnacha 2016

Last year’s wine won Silver medal winner in Decanter Awards 2016!! Keeping our fingers crossed for this vintage too…   download Campos de Luz Garnacha 2016