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The famous 'Plain in Spain' is high and largely flat

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Tempranillo is known by different names in different parts of the country

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La Mancha may seem flat and dull, but it is full of wonderful surprises,

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The capital of Spain is Madrid, placed right in the centre of the country. What people often don’t know is that it is the highest capital city in Europe and all around it is a large plain, cut across by several mountain ranges. This high plain dips slightly to the west, so the major rivers like the Duero and Tajo flow out towards Portugal. With low rainfall and plenty of space, central Spain is home to many denominations of origin like Ribera del Duero or Toro in the North, or La Mancha to the south of Madrid. 

“Temprano” in Spanish means “early”, so Tempranillo is the early-ripening grape which has a short growing season and can be found in the whole of central Spain where it enjoys the harsh continental climate. In different areas it is known under different names, such as Tinta del País in Ribera, Tinta de Toro (in Toro of course) or Cencibel (in La Mancha). We have chosen a Tempranillo from the north-east of La Mancha, one of the highest parts of the country and an area with deep cool soils to give long ripening times to develop full flavours.

Campos de Viento Tempranillo

Tempranillo makes some great wines for ageing in oak, but in order to make a rich, but fruity wine, we use a so-called “Ganymede” system, which extracts lots of colour and flavour from the grapes, without the tannins one expects from a well-structured wine.

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