Spain's central plain
The centre of Spain is high and flat, with a marked continental climate

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Verdejo has always been grown in Rueda, but has really only been recognised as a quality grape in recent times.

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The wines
There is just one wine from Campos de Sueños, a pure, grassy and fruity Verdejo.

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What's to visit nearby
This old kingdom of Castile has many fascinating historical towns to visit, for example


The plains of central Spain have an often harsh climate, with freezing winters and very hot summers; although for growing grapes they have two big advantages. Firstly they are high, meaning that the temperature drops at night, giving perfect conditions for ripening grapes. And secondly, they are relatively dry, being a long way from the sea and with most of the rainfall falling on Spain’s northern coastal mountains.

Although much of Spain is hot, a climate like that found on Spain’s northern plain, with its cool nights, means that even white grapes can maintain their acidity. The region of Rueda is the epicentre of white wines for this region, growing mostly Verdejo, from which a fine, aromatic wine can be produced, with herbal and grassy characteristics as well as exotic fruit flavours.

Campos de Sueños Verdejo

Verdejo has become a more and more popular grape variety, firstly in Spain itself, where its refreshingly crisp and exotically fruity characteristics are very much appreciated. In other world markets, it is perhaps less known than Albariño, but it is gradually making itself a space in the Sauvignon-type family of wines.

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