South-east Spain
Known in Spanish as the 'Levante', it is the most arid part of the country

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The Monastrell grape is one the three key varieties in Spain, especially in drier areas

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The wines
There is just one wine from Campos de Risca, a wonderful Monastrell

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The fascinating hinterland of Murcia, with historical towns like Caravaca or Moratalla

Caravaca de la Cruz

The beautiful, stable sunny weather of Spain’s Mediterranean coast has attracted many millions of tourists over the years and many of them have made their home there. But that same benign climate becomes arid and harsh inland, where for centuries people have struggled to make agriculture successful. Wine has been one of the key elements to agriculture for centuries and today the Monastrell grape variety is grown in the several DOs in this region: Jumilla, Yecla, Bullas, Almansa and Valencia all grow significant quantities of this grape.

In this arid climate, Monastrell is the one variety which can withstand the lack of water, with its long growing cycle key to reaching full ripeness. Despite the obvious dryness of the climate and the very unpromising looking soils, the “Riscas” – a local word for these types of rocky soils – can play a beneficial role, as they allow any rainfall to penetrate into the subsoil. Later, during the long, hot summers, a layer of white rocks protects the subsoils from overheating and therefore from excessive evaporation.

Campos de Risca Monastrell

Monastrell offers us some of the richest, jammiest fruit in the world of wine, and this wine is no exception. Campos de Risca is grown organically due to the almost total absence of rot and other diseases. We usually add a touch of Syrah to soften the mouth feel to make an exceptionally drinkable, rich wine.

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