The Ebro valley
The Ebro is a wine river, like the Rhine, the Rhone or the Garonne and along its length, the major variety is Garnacha.


The Garnacha grape is one the three key varieties in Spain.

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The River Ebro is the major river in the north-east of Spain and the largest river in Spain to run into the Mediterranean. Along its length there are many wine growing regions, many of them growing Garnacha, starting with the region of Rioja, below the city of Logroño. From there it flows through the lower part of Navarra and then on past Campo de Borja, Calatayud and Cariñena... way on down towards the Priorat (just 4km at the nearest point), Tarragona and to the sea. 

Garnacha is the key Mediterranean grape variety, growing in the Rhone, where it is called Grenache, of course and the Ebro valleys, with occasional plantations in other areas like the Sierra de Gredos.

Campos de Luz Garnacha

The characteristics of Garnacha are its aromatic fruit, with a range that goes from fresh fruit to floral and perfumed. In the mouth the wines can be light, but also full of juicy flavour.


Here's the technical description of Campos De Luz Garnacha 2017

Campos de Luz Garnacha Bag-in-box


The characteristics of a young red wine are perfectly adapted to serving in a bag-in-box, for regular drinking at home with a range of wholesome home-made foods.

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Campos de Luz White

The traditional white varieties in this region are limited to Viura and Muscat. With the addition of the correct amount of Chardonnay, we add body to the backbone of acidity of the Viura and the floral aromatics of the Muscat. 

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Campos de Luz Rosé

The traditional red variety of the Ebro valley, Garnacha, can be light and fruity as well as full and rich. With a skin contact that is measured in minutes rather than hours, a faint but pretty rosé colour is achieved.

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Campos de Luz Revelación

The most traditional use of Garnacha is to make young wines, either light and delicate rosés or fruity young reds. But with a light touch of oak, the jammier side of this friendly variety is also brought out, while maintaining a freshness.

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Campos de Luz Reserva


Over time the fresh fruit flavours of Garnacha become richer and with a longer ageing in American oak, a deeper complexity is added, with hints of spices and a certain smokiness.

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