Vinergia was founded in 2005 with the aim of uniting the efforts of small and medium-sized Spanish wineries and distributors across the world.






 Ignasi López

Blending, travelling, talking


By understanding the key elements of each grape variety, region and also the requirements and idiosyncrasies of each market, we have come to develop wines of excellent quality with great stories to tell



 Robert Hunter

Writing, travelling, photographing


We are very aware that it is not enough to simply make and bottle good wine. In order to get to market effectively, we have to offer the very best service.  




Isabel Rodríguez

Logistics, invoicing, customer service


And it's not enough to do it once, but we need to do it year after year, improving each time, with the best quality control and latest wine-making techniques.




José Manuel Mainar

Wine-making, vineyard control, quality management

OUR AIM:    



Producing, blending, explaining and shipping good Spanish wines to the world. 

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